~Site Guidelines~

~Site Guidelines~

~Our site is a juried site & we do limited the number of artists in each category~

~Cost is $10.00 per month. With a $20 initial start up fee. ~All
fees are non-refundable...

~The monthly fee is paid regardless of whether you update your sellers page each month..this ensures your page is viewable to the public at all times.~Site is updated on the 1st & 15th of the month~

~ Payment must be made on or before your selling date i.e. first or fifteenth of the month.

~ Failure to make payment and/or post new items for two consecutive months can result in termination.
~We update on the 1st & 15th of the month~

~You may chose to participate in one update or both~
If you do participate in both...cost will be $20 per month~
~ We do advertise and when the time comes for us to submit another ad...we will split the cost equally among us. I will let everyone
know in advance if this is ever a possibility.

~I do advertise regularly in "A Simple Life" magazine.

~ PATTERNS/ KITS ARE NOT TO BE LISTED AS AN UPDATE ...unless you are selling that product and promote the pattern in your handmade listing.

~You may offer 4 items per update with 3 -4 pictures of each item...no more than 4 pictures please~ At least ONE of these items must be a NEW offering.

~ If an item sells you will then go in and mark that item sold..however...please do not add new items until your next update~

~Items offered must be "Early style folk art....reminiscent of the 18th & 19th century~ Things must have the look and feel of that era and represent that time period~

~The site is juried and I do limit the number of artist in each particular category~

~All work must be created by you...with the exception of..... OLD FINDS & ANTIQUES...such as ......wooden bowls..... boxes.....picture frames..... candlesticks.. antique child's clothing...shoes...etc... either included with your work or on their own... These items must be date from 1700 through 1899..nothing after 1900. AS WELL AS....EARLY DRIEDS ..such as dried grasses & Sweet Annie......EARLY heirloom seeds. If you have any questions regarding this ...just ask.....Just please keep in mind we are keeping with a time period.~

~YOU are responsible for setting up/updating your blog each month...some
knowledge of blogs is necessary.

~I will invoice you on a monthly basis for your site fee's~

~The payment methods that you accept on the site are up to you...If you would like to add Pay Pal buttons with your items, feel free to do so..or you may have them contact you via email to purchase the item. However you wish!~

~Please update your pages between 6pm & midnight the NIGHT PRIOR to the 1st & the 15th. This is very important for all of us..if folks are expecting updates on the 1st & 15th..that is what they should see~

NOW.....one of the perks of having this site set up through blogger is...you can upload your pics/descriptions and prices in a post...ahead of time..days even..and simply save the post...and come back in the night the uploads are due...(say before you go to bed) and "Publish" the post. :) It's that easy....I'll do a more thorough tutorial on this and have it set up on a separate page:)

~Your page must have at least ONE NEW OFFERING for each update that you are signed up for. If you have an item or items that have not sold from a prior update.......you may offer them again for one more month.....however...please make sure to have no more than 4 items offered on your page at one time and at least one of them a new offering. If an item has not sold after two months..please remove it.. so that we may keep the pages looking fresh.

~If you would like to take time off please let me know via email (burlapowl@embarqmail.com) and I will put up a "Be Back Soon" Banner.

~Once you are signed up, I will set up your "seller’s page" then send you an "Invite" so that you may go in and add your information. Please make sure to add information to the following areas ONLY;

"Blog Posts"

"About Me"

"Payment Information"

"Contact Information"

*You may add one extra page element for your mailing list*

~PLEASE (this is very important) do not add any extra page elements, pictures or graphics to your page. I want each page to be uniform and professional with everyone's information in the same area so that the customers will know where to find these things on each sellers page.~

~Please do not alter or change the fonts, layout or other settings & areas of the page.~


~As always..if you have any questions regarding any of this..please do not hesitate to contact me :)~




~All Rights Reserved~

~All Rights Reserved~
~copyright Tina Lewonski, Early Work Mercantile 2010©